Panoramas work 24/7 on your website and on Google Maps so that your potential customer can find you at any time of the day.

Why do you need 360 panoramas?

1. Attraction of visitors.
Modern equipment together with software allows to create a virtual tour of an object or a place, which will show the location of the shooting before your visitors can see it personally.

2. Google Search.
If you have a panorama at your place — Google will immediately show it when someone is searching you. A potential visitor will be able to evaluate the place both outside and inside and make a virtual walk through it.

3. An effect of presence.
When people are viewing spherical panoramas, they can look around in all directions, as if they are standing at the shooting site. Additionally, it is possible to include audio in the tour and you will have almost a full effect of presence.

4. Visual communication.
Just like a logo with corporate style speak about your company to the customer, panoramas speak for themselves. A client or a visitor immediately sees what is waiting for him and what he can expect.

5. Corporate presentations.
You can show the production and office of the company to potential partners and investors, which will only strengthen business relations.

Where the application of panoramas is especially relevant:

• Real estate
• Hotels
• Restaurants, cafes, night clubs
• Sport clubs, beauty salons
• Exhibitions, presentations
• Museums, parks
• Industry
• Tourism

Did you know that

1. Consumers use maps to find information about companies in 44%.
2. A search ends with a visit to a place in 41%.
3. Pages of companies that have photos and virtual tours attract customers’ attention twice as often as other.

All data is taken from the Google Ipsos study

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What are you getting?

1. A panorama for uploading on your website.
2. A panorama in the Google Maps service, which can be attached to My Business account.
3. A panorama for publication on Facebook.
4. A panorama prepared for Instagram.
5. A video from a panorama for social networks.

What more can we add?

1. A logo of your company.
2. A panorama navigation bar.
3. Sites with information.
4. Background music or voiceover.
5. A plan of your place.

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