At panoproject° we truly believe that a visual component of business plays an important role in its formation and development. So, without qualitative content business loses trust of existing customers and attention of potential clients.

With our help, you will have high-quality photo and video materials for successful promotion of the brand.

A short story of panoproject°

It all began with a diploma project at NAU “KhAI” in 2013. It was necessary to shoot 360° panoramas all over on the university territory and create a web-page with navigation on the KhAI website. That’s how the love to photography and 360° content was born.

We got our first equipment and an idea of creating a site for posting and further sharing of our panoramas.

Later, we got our first quad-copter and we discovered a completely different perspective on how to view the world. Almost simultaneously with studying the art of drone piloting, we began to shoot videos and create timelapses.


panoproject° have several hundreds of panoramas, thousands of photos, more than 24 hours of flight time and dozens of mounted videos under our belt.

But most importantly – we continue to learn and move on.

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