Looking at the usual places from an unusual angle – it’s always interesting!

What are the advantages of aerial photography?

A look from an unusual angle. When was the last time when you saw your city from above?

Status of a modern brand. A few people will be surprised by photos and videos taken from the ground. Aerial photography is a new thing here.

A better view. It is especially important for building, agriculture, events and holidays. You can see a lot, if not everything.

Attracting customers. People are only getting used to seeing usual places from the bird’s eye view, and this kind of photos attracts attention. Your customers will be delighted.

Where is aerial photography used?

1. Real estate.
It is easier to sell a house or an apartment if there is a footage from the air in the video presentation. Proved by us and also by our colleagues.

2. Holidays, events, weddings.
You can agree that it is interesting to watch an event from a high point. You can evaluate a scale of the event, see more participants and cover more of the surrounding space.

3. Journalism.
Actually, the same reasons as in the previous paragraph.

4. Advertising
Captures from a bird’s eye view can be found more and more often not only in Western companies, but also in local ones. Why not to try aerial photography for your business?

5. Industry.
Are you deciding where to build a new hangar? Is it necessary to inspect a boiler’s pipe? Have you lost your forklift? We will help, we will find 🙂

This is not a complete list of options and ideas of aerial photography using. Everything is limited only by imagination!

panoproject° in numbers


hours in the air




hours of video

What are you getting?

1. Ready to post photo or video from above.
2. Participation in the filming process and a choice of the angle you like.

What can we add in addition?

1. Your logo on the photo or video.
2. If you order only video, we will make a YouTube cover for it for free.

Any doubts? Then just take a look at the selected video material for 2017:

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