At the end of August, after Ukrainian Independence Day, we decided to go on a short trip to the Dnipro and now we want to share our impressions.

— What to visit —

Our trip to the Dnipro was a bit spontaneous. Places we wanted to see and visit were based on the photos and recommendations of friends. We did not visit many places as we only had one day, so museums, temples and monuments were left for another trip.

However, we visited the most unusual buildings in the city, such as the «Menora» Center and the residential complex «Bashni» (Towers). The view from above is very curious, you can check yourself on our Instagram 🙂

Also, we advise you to stroll along the long promenade, walk to the Monastery Island, look at the waterfall and the Merefa-Kherson bridge. Moreover, there is a beach there which will be a good idea in summer 😉

We managed to take a panorama near the Monastery Island, from which all of the above is visible.

— Where to eat —

We decided not to experiment with restaurants here. You can find the familiar «Puzata Hata», SushiYa and McDonald’s with KFC in the city.

As for coffee shops — we advise you to visit the atmospheric cafe DoubleDecker, where you can make beautiful photos. Prices here are slightly higher than average, but the coziness of this place is worth it 🙂 We were pleased by the great positive staff here after our recent impressions in the «Silence» in Odessa.

— How to get here —

There is almost a standard choice: train, bus or BlaBlaCar. We got to the Dnipro via the BlaBlaCar service. It took about two hours. We recommend writing and even calling to drivers directly to check the details of the ride, as you should not trust the reviews in the service. We used BlaBlaCar only once before this trip and the guys were very good then. But this time it turned out 50/50.

Uber in Dnipro works very well. At least it works better than in Kharkiv. Both times we got good drivers. The second one, who took us to the bus station, told us a lot of stories and facts about the city, and also suggested the places to visit next time 🙂

— Dnipro through our eyes —

We tried to capture the most interesting points of the city in our opinion. We visited only a few places that are worth visiting for sure. But this leaves a desire to visit and explore the city again.

As a result, we got one video, one timelapse and one panorama. Enjoy! 🙂

— Summary —

We liked Dnipro, despite the fact that from the very beginning of our trip everything went wrong. We walked a lot and visited many places. And we are awaiting to visit Dnipro once more to see all other places 🙂

And finally here is a timelapse with an embankment and a waterfall.

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