In 1977 the Glory Memorial complex of Kharkiv was opened in the city Forest park. The place was chosen not by chance: here, at the northern city border, German forces shot soldiers and civilians during the occupation of Kharkiv.

At the entrance to the complex there are two pylons, which are forming a kind of entrance to the main avenue. Along the alley, there are three granite sarcophagi with flags. In the central part of the complex you can see a granite stela where the history of the different periods of the war is displayed. The Motherland monument stands next to it. You can hear the beating of the heart in silence, which does not stop even for a minute.

According to the creators of the Glory memorial complex, the sound is identical to the heart beat of a person who had two heart attacks.

You can see the burning of the Eternal fire near the sculpture. There is also a sign next to it, which says that heroes do not die – they are always in our hearts.

On Glory Memorial creation worked a team of artists, architects and sculptors: M.F.Ovsyankin, Y.I.Ryk, V.I.Agibalov, S.G.Svetlorusov, I.A.Alferov, E.Y.Cherkasov and A.A. Maksymenko.

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