Everyone in Kharkiv knows that autumn in the city is usually not that sunny and warm, but brings slush and rain. However, this year we managed to catch the time when the yellow leaves cover the paths, and the golden trees are just a pleasure to look at. In order to make you immersed in this atmosphere as fully as possible, we came to the most beautiful and large park of the city — Gorky Park — and shot several panoramas with our drone. And a timelapse as well 🙂

If you, just like us, miss the sunny and beautiful autumn, enjoy the views with a cup of tea or cocoa 😉

— Panoramas —

The first panorama was shot above the entrance to the park:


The second one — above the main square, in front of the ferris wheel:


And the third panorama — above the whole park:


— Timelapse —

We also recommend watching the autumn park timelapse, you will definitely like it 🙂


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