Our team visited Komandda office – a group of experts in content and video production, and web design. These guys created three successful online resources and will launch more soon.

Keddr – one of the largest IT-related websites in the russian-speaking Internet. On Keddr.com guys talk about consumer electronics: smartphones, tablets, laptops and everything connected with them. They create a lot of video reviews and write even more of them.

Kaddr – an expert site about photographic and video equipment. Professional photographers and videographers make photo and video cameras reviews, give advice on shooting. It is a positive and highly specialized website for creative people.

Veddro – a positive automobile community. You can always find some life hacks, tips, news, tops, interesting articles, and event reports on this website.

There were just a few guys in the office when our team was shooting the tour, because most of them were shooting some new videos for you 🙂

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