The fifth timelapse compilation is here! In November we slightly moved away from Kharkiv and shoot a timelapse in Prague 🙂

The thing is that one of the panoproject° team is now in Prague, so we decided why not to shoot a timelapse in this beautiful city? The infrastructure in Prague is very developed, despite the fact that the old architecture is very well preserved.

We posted 4 timelapses on our social networks during November:
1) viewpoints: Letna Park, the statue of the Virgin Mary in exile, Queen Anne’s Summer Palace and Petrshin Hill (Petrshinsky Gardens);
2) bridges: Charles Bridge, Legions Bridge, Palacky Bridge and railway bridge;
3) sights: sculpture “The Head of Franz Kafka”, the Petřín Tower, Trinity Bridge and Dancing House;
4) evening Prague: Letna park, Manes bridge, Malostranskaya square and Strahov garden.

Now we invite you to feel unique atmosphere of Prague, just like we see it. Enjoy! 🙂


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