This year in spring our team was on vacation in beautiful Czech Republic. Our road went through the city of Prague, where the guys from Slusny work, live and create.

Slusny – is a team of professional yo-yo players who received many awards on regional, national and world yoyo contests. Slusny is also a yoyo shop, we visited them the next day after the opening of the new shop, which is located on Budečská 39, Praha 2. Guys often organize different yo-yo competitions, there were a lot of them since spring.

The new shop is much bigger than the original one – there are two main rooms and some working ones as well. The first room has many shelves with yo-yos and different accessories in it, you can always see some Slusny videos here! There is also a huge wall with yo-yos, which were used by guys to win different contests. The second room is a contest room, where guys’ awards are stored.

Do you see the arts on the walls of the shop? They were painted by a gorgeous Brazilian painter Rodrigo Lima, who is also a yoyer!

We want to thank Slusny guys who allowed us to take all photos in their shop 🙂

As usual, we recommend watching the tour in fullscreen mode.

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